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Why Hire

Benefits to Employers

Why Hire?


When you provide a job opportunity to a differently enabled individual you are gaining a loyal, dedicated employee and reducing employee turnover. You are also enriching your business culture and diversity.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a Federal tax credit available to employers who hire individuals from eligible target groups. Employers can earn a tax credit of up to 9,600 per employee, depending on the target group of the new employee and the number of hours worked in the first year.

Our services expertly match employment opportunities with potential employee’s strengths, skills, and employment goals. Once hired, on-the-job training is provided by A4M. Hiring costs associated with vetting prospective employees and training new hires is greatly reduced for your company.

Individuals who are differently enabled are underrepresented in the community. Companies who promote integration and inclusion create an appealing environment for increasing your customer base.