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Client Testimonials

Aaron Meinz

My name is Aaron Meinz and I’m a quadriplegic. Before working with Aspiring 4 more I had been out of school and unemployed for 6 years. I had also worked with other job placement agencies that help disabled people but none of them could offer what I received from Aspiring 4 More. For me what set them apart was the genuine enthusiasm from their support staff and knowledge of resources that could be helpful.

They did their part to help find a place that suited my needs where I could be successful. They are top notch communicators. We stayed in constant contact and they were honest at every turn. They kept me informed of what my responsibilities were in each step of the process and made sure I had the tools to be successful fulfilling those responsibilities. In the end they were able to place me in a job that suited my skills perfectly.

A4M Note: Aaron was placed in 16 days.

Andrew Smith

I was working 3 part time jobs all within a restaurant working horrible hours.  I met with Mari and Mary told them I wanted a full time job with good hours, not dealing with food or toilets.  45 days later I was hired as a Lot Attendant for Titus Will Dealership.  I now have great hours working Monday – Friday no nights.  Thank you for your help.

Dick Johnson

I will always have the honor of being Aspiring 4 More 1st placement.  I met with Mari and Mary to discuss my employment goal to be a security guard.   Within a month I was hired at a security job.  Believe me these ladies ROCK!!!!!

Michael Carrigan

“Thank you Miss Mary and Aspiring 4 More. I love my job! It’s so nice to have a job.” -We don’t know who is happiest, Michael or Rapid Break.